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14 May 2006 @ 01:22 pm
Star Finds Love Worth the Weight  
Melbourne Herald Sun - May 25, 2002

Two years ago she was barely half the woman she is today. Her skeletal appearance as she danced at a ball in Los Angeles led to fears for Portia de Rossi's health. In her sleeveless back dress, the sharp angles of a once curvaceous figure were painfully on show. but the Aly Mcbeal star's days of drastic dieting seem to be over at last. She seemed a picture of health and contentment when she attended an art show in LA this week. Friends put her transforation down to her relationship with Francesca Gregorini, the step-daughter of ex-beatle Ringo Starr. The two women made a glamorous couple at the opening night of an Any Warhol exhibition at the museum of contemporary art.

De Rossi, 29, showed off her glowing good looks in a low-cut flowing black dress, while her 33 year old companion singer and songwriter was sleek in a tight black skirt. Last year Ally McBeal fans were suprised when de Rossi. who plays man-eating lawyer Nelle Porter, was pictured locked in an embrace with Gregorini in a street off Rodeo Drive.

Rumours followed that the pair had 'married' in a secret ceremony. Earlier this year Gregorini, the daughter of Starr's wife Barbara Bach, spoke of her relationship with de Rossi. While she said the couple were 'absolutely not' married, they were 'blissfully happy'.

Asked about the photographs of their passionate public embrace, she said: 'We didn't know they were being taken. They are what they are.' The last episode of Ally McBeal aired in the US this week. De Rossi is now expected to concentrate on a movie career. She is to play a journalist in an Australia film about Frank Sinatra. US Actor John Turrurro will play Sinatra and Melanie Griffith his then-wife Barbara Marx in the comedy-drama The night we called it a Day". The film is based on Sinatra's controversial 1974 tour of Australia when, after calling journalists hookers, Sinatra was besieged by a union blockade.